The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor's & Armorers' Association was formed in 1984 and continues to operate as a not for profit association to promote professionalism, continuing education and improvement in training methods and techniques in the proper use of law enforcement firearms.  We promote and foster mutual cooperation, discussion, and interest in law enforcement firearms training, officer survival and tactical skills.  The Association provides a means for the exchange of ideas and information regarding law enforcement firearms training, and conducts research and seminars on new firearms technologies, training methods and other educational activities.  MLEFIAA strives to continuously maintain and upgrade the quality of firearms training for all law enforcement personnel in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
    The Association meets monthly, on the fourth Tuesday of the month, September through June.  Meetings are held throughout the state to offer all members the opportunity to attend.  Our meetings vary from strictly business to active live fire range sessions.

    MLEFIAA has offered various continuing education and Instructor level certification programs for pistol, revolver, shotgun, patrol rifle and 12 Gauge Specialty Impact Munitions.  We have sponsored Glock, Ruger, Remington and S&W Armorer's Schools and have visited many of the firearms and firearms related manufacturing centers in the area.  Our training conferences have featured such notable law enforcement trainers as Mike Boyle, Brian Hoffner, Mike Conti and Jim Cirillo.  If you are a law enforcement firearms instructor or armorer interested in improving your skills and making new contacts in the field, MLEFIAA invites you to become a member of New England's most progressive training association.