The Distance Learning (DL) portion of the MPTC Firearms Training program has been implemented as not only a cost savings measure but also to streamline the recertification process.  Recertifying instructors will now complete this online segment as a pre-requisite to attending the practical portion at the range.

You MUST complete the distance learning online requirement at least 24 hours before coming to the range. This insures that you won't have a last minute technical or printing issue which will prevent you from recertifying.   

You MUST bring a copy of your USER REPORT (record of completion) with you to the range.  This requirement can be accomplished several ways.  You can print this from the eLearning site and bring the hard copy or electronic copy on your smart phone with you to the range.  Or you can simply take a screen shot of the User Report on your phone camera and show it to the Lead Instructor at the recert.  If you do not bring your USER REPORT to the range and we cannot verify you completed the course, your scores that day will not be recorded and you will not be able to print your certificate. 

How do I know if I have a login and password?
If you work for a municipal department, contact your training officer or Chief to determine if you are enrolled in the EOPSS eLearning system.   Your department will contact the MPTC to get you access.
For other officers: please send an email to mptc-elearning@mass.gov.

I am a part time officer and my Chief did not include my name on the spreadsheet.  What now?
All officers, including part time officers were supposed to be included on the spreadsheet.  Your Chief can contact MPTC HQ for further guidance.  

I am a retired firearms instructor and I never got an E-Learning log in - what do I do?
Retired officers whose names and information were not submitted by their agency should contact the following person for assistance:
Todd Bailey  (MPTC Firearms Advisory Committee)        Email: tabailey@mlefiaa.org    

How do I print my User Report?
For instructions on how to print your User Report, click on this link:  

MPTC Distance Learning Information - Firearms Instructor Recertification
Updated: 4/28/2018