Scoring Forms & Misc. Information 
DISCLAMIER:  This web page is not maintained by the Municipal Police Training Committee.  This site is intended to provide updated information on MPTC firearms training and instructor certification topics between the biennial re-certification classes.  While every attempt has been made to insure the accuracy of this information, the MPTC Firearms Coordinator should be contacted in case of questions or in the event of a conflict in information.
Updated: 4/26/2018
MPTC Professional Development & Training Application
For all courses & training, please complete this application.
Fax it to the Firearms Coordinator at (978) 283-0039

Click on the link to open the desired file
* Important note - these are the ONLY score sheets that will be accepted from Level III instructors conducting recerts locally.  All other versions and forms are invalid and will not be accepted.