Dates:  4 & 5 April 2016      Time:  0800 - 1600

Location:  Barre Sportsman's Club   221 Springhill Road, Barre, Mass        DIRECTIONS

Helpful hints and information for the class -

  • Be sure to open the FLYER link for all equipment requirements.  Eye and hearing protection is mandatory in addition to soft body armor.
  • The purpose of this class is to show you that your standard issue patrol rifle is capable of engaging targets well beyond the 50 yard qualification distance found on the state's qualification program.  With that in mind, please DO NOT bring your tricked out AR platform 24 inch barreled sniper rifle with the 6-20X scope.
  • This class is NOT the place to test out new guns or gear.  That will cause you to fall behind. 
  • Zero your rifle BEFORE you get to the class.  We recommend a 75 or 100 yd zero and will explain the reasoning behind that statement during the class.  You will be given an opportunity to check your zero prior to live fire training and evaluation.
  • Make sure your gear is securely attached to your rifle.  Loctite is a wonderful product.
  • 20 round magazines are VERY helpful in this class.  This class is about accuracy not fire power.
  • You will need 500 rounds of ammo.  ABSOLUTELY NO ARMOR PIERCING OR STEEL CORE AMMUNITION IS PERMITTED IN THIS CLASS.  We use steel targets and the steel penetrator found in the "Green Tip", XM193, SS109, M855 and similar products will cause damage to the target.  Warning - Any shooter found using this ammo will be immediately dismissed from the class with no refund.
  • You will shoot at ranges out to 200 yards.
  • The use of optics are encouraged however we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE tricked out rifles and high power optics since they are rarely found on patrol rifles and you are highly unlikely to have this gear at hand in an actual engagement.
  • Bring suitable clothing and fluids for the expected weather.
ERPR Slide Show (classroom)
Handouts and Other Information
The information found below is provided for your reference.  The operator level Extended Range Patrol Rifle class you took does NOT entitle you to act as an instructor in this program.